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Knowledge is power

Insight into what your body is telling you is key in training to improved performance. Feelings alone will not give you all the answers. With our innovative technology you can train smarter with reliable data.



Sweat & tears but no blood

Heart rate, pace and muscle power are important sources of information. Keeping track of your pulse have great benefits but a more powerful source is lactate levels in your muscles. Imagine the benefits of getting that information in real time via a non-invasive sensor without a blood test.


Optimize your training

Threshold training is essential to increased endurance and speed. Knowing your lactate levels so you can train at the correct intensity is key to increase performance. Our device makes this information easily accessible. Our sensors placed on the thigh muscle combined with advanced AI algorithms maps the muscle fatigue and give insight into your lactate levels.



Verify your progress

With our wearable technology you can have the opportunity to monitor your lactic threshold and your progress, making sure you get the most effective training results.





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What we Do
What we Do
What we Do
What we Do