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Innowearable and Eleiko collaborate to further the possibilities for strength training

21st March 2023 – Expanding the possibilities for strength training, Eleiko and Innowearable AB – innovators in developing state-of-the-art measuring technologies – are collaborating on Inno-X™, a wearable, lower body neuromuscular measuring device that provides direct feedback on neuromuscular responses.

Developing its potential across more sporting arenas, the collaboration will see Eleiko test Inno-X™ among professional weightlifters, on a host of Eleiko products. Gathering the necessary data and feedback to apply the technology effectively to weightlifting, CrossFit and other forms of strength training.

Tracking training metrics, recovery, and nutrition continue to grow in importance for professional and everyday athletes. Innowearable’s new, wearable technology brings measurability and data analysis for performance optimisation to strength training in a simple and accessible fashion.

Derived from research and a genuine interest to use innovative technology to support athletes and coaches, Erik Viberg, CEO at Innowearable says, ”The potential for Inno-X grows in step with its development and we are now ready to start collecting data on strength training in general and weightlifting specifically. A collaboration with Eleiko opens many exciting possibilities”.

Continually exploring how to innovate Eleiko products to support athletes in achieving their strongest performance, Erik Blomberg, CEO at Eleiko says, ”Inno-X offers exciting possibilities for both weightlifting and other elite sports when it comes to being able to optimise training. Getting information about how effective the training is for the muscles means that coaches and athletes can both increase performance and prevent injuries. We believe that this product, with its degree of innovation and simplicity, can become an important tool in many sports in the future.”