Innowearable offers innovative wearable sensors for performance enhancement and injury prevention for athletes.


Do you really know when you’re recovered enough for the next rep or your next session? What if you’re not quite ready, your performance will decrease, your training will be less than optimal, and you may increase your injury risk!

The Inno-X™ sensor measures muscle activation patters and provides reliable information on the current fatigue status of muscles, without using invasive tests or fatiguing exercise protocols. The user-specific readiness-signature will allow every athlete to know their limits, reach new heights in training, and excel their game.


Infographic about InnoX

• You perform a simple exercise, such as an isometric (stationary) squat for around 5 seconds. 
• The Inno-X™ sensor collects electrical signals from your muscles and nerves and sends them to your phone.
• The software in your phone then analysis these signals and the Inno-X™ ´s app provides you with a readiness score.
• The App will then advise you to rest, reduce your training load, continue as planned. All of this takes place within 10 seconds after the simple exercise had been done.